Prize Winners

Prize winners 2021

2. Afonso Torres (Portugal, c.) and Sebastian Heindl (Germany, r.)
3. Johannes Friederich (Germany, l.)

Prize winners 2019

1. Laurens de Man, Netherlands
2. Ismaele Gatti, Italy
3. Mitsune Uchida, Japan

Prize winners 2017

1. Johannes Krahl, Germany
2. Josipa Leko, Croatia
3. Marco Amherd, Switzerland

Preisträger Silbermann-Wettbewerb 2015

Prize winners 2015

1. Mami Nagata, Japan
2. Michal Kocot, Poland
3. Olga Papykina, Russia


Prize winners 2013

2. Nicolas Berndt, Germany
3. Marina Ragger, Austria
3. Guillaume Nussbaum, France


Prize winners 2011

1. Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas, France
2. Vincent Bernhardt, France
3. Marius Mack, Germany

2009 Wettbewerbssieger Sllbermann

Prize winners 2009

1. Gilles Leyers, Luxembourg („Young ECHO organist of the year“)
2. David Schlaffke, Germany
3. Gijs Boelen, Netherlands

Charlotte Marck, France
Magdalena Hasibeder, Austria


Prize winners 2007

1. Benjamin Alard, France
2. Sonja Betten, Germany and Jean-Philippe Merckaert, Belgium

Eri Takeguchi, Japan
Lucas Pohle, Germany


Prize winners 2005

1. Benjamin Righetti, Switzerland
2. Pieter-Jelle de Boer, Netherlands

A one-time scholarship went to
the three other finalists:
Eun-A Kwon, South Korea
Lucas Pohle, Germany
Thomas Wilhelm, Germany


Prize winners 2003

1. Ayako Kuwayama, Japan
2. Merit Eichhorn, Germany
3. Craig F. Humber, Canada


Prize winners 2001

Awarding two first prizes for the first time.
1. Eva Bublová, Czech Republic
1. Frederic Champion, France
2. Ántal Varadi, Hungary


Prize winners 1999

1. Jeremy Joseph, South Africa
2. Francis Jacob, France
3. Choong-Sik Hong, South Korea


Prize winners 1997

1. Stephan Leuthold, Germany
2. Maurice Clement, Luxembourg
3. Andreas Fischer, Germany

Prize winners 1995

1. Frank Dittmer, Germany
2. Gunter Rost, Germany
3. Dieter Lämmlin, Switzerland/Germany

Prize winners 1993

1. Thomas Berning, Germany
2. Massimilianno Raschietti, Italy
3. Torsten Laux, Germany